About Us

Everyone knows that moving can be stressful and time consuming. After working for many different moving companies, we realized that at the end of the day, employees are the key to successful moving’s. We created Special Force Movers to get the job done right for you. What could that be? We gathered a team of professionals that have been working in the moving industry for over three years, on full-time employment. To add to their experience, each member has received specific customer service training. The way we pay our employees also differs from what other moving companies traditionally do. This ensures that all of our employees are satisfied, which help them value and respect their job.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional moving services.

To provide outstanding customer service and build a trusting relationship with everyone.

To ensure a safe and happy work environment.

Our Team

Expert Team Members

These are the people that started Special Force Movers. They make sure the company lives up to its standards.

Vladyslav Chuy

Owner, Co-founder

Moving Expert

Dmitri Ceban

Owner, Co-founder

Moving Expert