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We use specialized equipment to make sure your commercial move is completed securely and quickly. From transporting your most valuable items to packing and loading, our commercial movers are equipped with the latest tools to guarantee success. We understand that each business is unique and therefore requires customized solutions. With Special Force Movers, you have the assurance that we will customize our services to meet your specific needs and timeline. To make your commercial move hassle-free, our team will go above and beyond to provide you with a dedicated professional in charge of your move. The personal project manager will ensure everything is executed smoothly.

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Office equipment

Heavy machinery

Computers and IT Equipment

Medical equipment

Unique furniture items

Store Fixtures


The commercial move requires a special set of instructions, safety procedures, supplies, and expertise that differ from residential moving in Toronto. This is why you should employ qualified business movers to manage your relocation. Because when you team up with a professional moving company, your business relocation is made simpler and smoother.
With Special Force Movers on board, you can expect a stress-free relocation, knowing your commercial equipment will arrive safely. For on-time, on-budget, and professional commercial moving service in Ontario, contact us today


We’ll start by evaluating your requirements. One of our friendly team members will come to your location to assess the time, supplies, and equipment required for a stress-free move.


Our Project Managers will collaborate with you to plan an efficient move. We will properly staff the project, send adequate equipment, and enough packaging to ensure a smooth move.


From the time you ask for a quote to the final goodbye wave, at ‘Special Force Movers’, every step of your commercial moving experience is designed with your satisfaction in mind.
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We have compiled some frequently asked questions to help answer your queries before placing an order and to guide you through the ordering process.
How far in advance should I book a commercial move?

It is best to book your commercial move at least 8-10 weeks in advance. However, if your move is time sensitive it’s best to contact us as soon as possible so we can accommodate your needs. Be sure to have a detailed list of items that need to be moved so we can plan your move accordingly. We understand that commercial moves require a specific timeline and attention to detail, so we will work with you to ensure your move is completed on time

How quickly can you move my business?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, the Special Force Movers team can complete most commercial moves within five business days. We also offer specialized services such as packing and unpacking, furniture installation and disassembly, heavy-lifting, climate-controlled storage solutions and more.

Do you provide any additional services?

Yes! At Special Force Movers, we offer a variety of additional services such as packing and unpacking, furniture installation and disassembly, heavy lifting, climate-controlled storage solutions, and everything related to commercial moving. We also offer custom crating services to protect fragile items during the move, as well as disposal services for obsolete office furniture and equipment.

Do you have any experience moving sensitive items or electronics?

Absolutely! Our team is specially trained to handle sensitive items and electronics during the moving process. We take extra care to ensure your belongings are safely transported, and all of our trucks are climate-controlled to protect your equipment.

Do you provide packing materials or supplies?

Yes, we offer a variety of packing materials and supplies to help make your move easier. Our team will be happy to provide you with any packing materials you need for your move.

What kind of packing material do you use in Commercial moving?

At Special Force Movers, we take special care in choosing packing materials, as commercial moving services require extra care. For example, for lightweight items, we use medium-sized moving boxes with bubble wrap for extra protection. Fragile items such as glassware or electronics require heavier, larger boxes with dividers and extra cushioning to avoid breakage. For larger items such as furniture or appliances, we employ heavy-duty furniture pads, shrink wrap, and stretch wrap are all necessary for the secure transportation of these types of items. Additionally, labeling materials such as tape and markers can be used to clearly identify the contents of each box or package. This is how our team ensures that all items arrive safely and securely at their new destination.

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